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Planning your planting

If you’re anything like us these recent weekends will have been spent in the backyard tidying up and planting now that spring is here. Check out our short guide to getting the most from your garden.
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Attention early birds…

With breeding season well underway both chickens and wild birds will benefit from a protein and calcium boost. Have you got your mealworms ready to go?
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Succeed withsoak and sprout

Succeed with
soak and sprout

Our two soak and sprout products are proving popular with discerning bird breeders. Which is why we’ve put together a short instructional video to show how quickly and easily it is to prepare your seed.
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A breeze will please the trees?

A breeze will please the trees?

When scientists grew trees in an artificial eco-system they couldn’t understand why they were falling over before maturity. It turns out that trees need more than sun and water to survive and thrive.
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Your aviary action list

Aviary bird breeding is a colourful and rewarding pastime, the peak of which is represented each year at the Topflite New Zealand National Bird Show. This year’s event saw a number of newcomers take home the honours, proving the best time to start an aviary of your own is, well… right now.
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Show winners flying high

Show winners
flying high

The winners were announced at the Topflite New Zealand National Bird Show in July, this big Hamilton event the grand finale after many months of hard work and loving care from breeders around the country.
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