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Beloved Birds

After all the celebrity-making antics of the recent Bird Of The Year competition we wondered what other birds have made the headlines over the years. Here are our favourite five…

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Spring is in the air…

It’s this time of year when birds really knuckle down to work. Breeding, nest-building and feeding young chicks takes a lot of extra energy though…

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Loyal. True. Vote Little Blue!

Why we’re backing the kororā for Bird of the Year Is 2017 the year of the kororā? We’re working on it! But we’ll need your support to make it happen. The popular Bird of the Year contest run by Forest and Bird is now in its 13th year. The kororā (little blue penguin)...

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Sowing seeds

To help grow young Kiwi conservationists, we’re giving away samples of our Wild Bird Seed for kids to share with their local birds.

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Bugging out

As insects form a natural part of the omnivore’s diet, feeding two to five crickets each day is a natural way to diversify food offerings.

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National Treasures

There are small measures we can take at home to protect our native birds. Here are four easy ways to encourage them back into your garden.

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