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The Learning Garden

Activities that bring birds and kids together Following movements in Scandinavia and North America ‘bush kindergartens’ and ‘forest schools’ have been sprouting up all over New Zealand. The concept isn’t new for those of us who grew up making our own fun in the great...

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Going against the grain

The benefits of a grain-free diet for dogs Most dog owners find it pretty difficult to truly replicate the natural diet of their pets. After all, these dogs are the descendants of apex predators, and they would have naturally fed for the most part on animal carcasses...

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Doggone it…

It’s summer: beach cricket is on, frisbees are flying everywhere, burnt sausages are falling to the ground left, right and centre. Let’s be honest – there’s a lot going on that could get a dog lost. Here’s what to do.

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The Golden touch

Not every puppy is cut out to be a working dog. We talked to breeder Kath Outerson about mobility assistance dogs and why Golden Retrievers are the best fit for the job.

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Beloved Birds

After all the celebrity-making antics of the recent Bird Of The Year competition we wondered what other birds have made the headlines over the years. Here are our favourite five…

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Spring is in the air…

It’s this time of year when birds really knuckle down to work. Breeding, nest-building and feeding young chicks takes a lot of extra energy though…

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