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Show winners
flying high

The winners were announced at the Topflite New Zealand National Bird Show in July, this big Hamilton event the grand finale after many months of hard work and loving care from breeders around the country.

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Shake your tail feather!

Over a decade ago Snowball became internet famous with a routine that put many a middle-aged dance-floor ‘sensation’ to shame. Now we’re discovering just how versatile this cavorting sulphur-crested cockatoo actually is.

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Leafing through

During these dark and cold nights there’s nothing quite like curling up on the couch with a nice drink and a good read. There have been some fascinating books on birds published over the last year perfect for such nights. Here are three of our ‘chick lit’ favourites…

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Waiting in the wings…

In July over 1200 different birds in 16 different categories will be on show in Hamilton. We’re proud to sponsor the big event and to support the hard work of the entrants and the beauty of their birds.

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Best Birds Forever

The list of fictional birds is seemingly endless. From the blustery Foghorn Leghorn to the sleepy Good Night Kiwi, the madcap chaos of Woody Woodpecker to the creeping insanity of Poe’s The Raven, there’s a bird for every occasion and every story. Here are five of our favourites…

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Good Egg of the Month:
Bill Bailey

Star of Black Books, Hot Fuzz and numerous hilarious British panel shows, Bill Bailey isn’t just an accomplished musician and comedic superstar. He’s also a passionate bird watcher, nature advocate and our Good Egg…

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Meet the team:
Robert Henderson

For close to a year and a half Robert has been making sure our operations are optimal at Topflite. He’s the one who’s keeping an eye on all the details in the distribution centre, ensuring everything is available and, when it is, that it’s picked, packed and sent on it’s merry way quickly and in perfect condition.

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The thought that counts

The 2019 New Zealand Garden Bird Survey will take place between the 29th of June and the 7th of July. During this time thousands of Kiwis will take one hour out of their day with a hot cuppa and a pen and pad to sit down and record the birds in their backyard, local park or school.

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