A new energy
feed mix!

Just in time for winter…

Want to give your backyard birds an extra special treat? Our new energy truffle and cake products provide a real cherry on top. Except the cherry’s mealworms – and they’re all the way through. So really, in the eyes of your feathered friends, they’re even better than a cherry!

We’ve enhanced the formula for some of our energy range with the addition of some delicious mealworms for an extra protein boost.

Since changing our energy range to be made here in New Zealand we’ve got far more control over the entire production process. That means we can add in extra-special goodness for our local birdlife. And it means we’ll soon be debuting additional flavours of our energy food – watch this space!

Great for attracting birds like the silvereye, thrush, finch and yellowhammer, these treats deliver an immediate source of energy when it’s needed most.

Our team has been testing them in their backyards too and the feedback is pretty clear. One of our staff said “I can confirm that the birds absolutely looooove them”.

They’re in stock, online and for sale now. So you can get your supply ready for winter and help your birds survive through the colder days ahead

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