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Grown in New Zealand. Great for New Zealand.

When it comes to creating quality feed for New Zealand’s birds and small animals you simply can’t go past the nutrient-rich ingredients we grow here.

We want our feed to be the best it can be. So we strictly minimise the use of heat-treated feed products from overseas and we don’t bulk up products with one ingredient over another. After all, a balanced diet is as important for our animals as it is for us.

Yes, we test for and add nutrients that might be missing from our soils. But only add minerals that would naturally occur in other parts of the country (Selenium is a good example). We strive to create a product that’s as closely aligned to nature as possible, high in nutrients, and produced in a way that keeps those nutrients locked in.

The results speak for themselves. Check the last three years of winners at the New Zealand National Bird Show and you’ll find approximately 95% were fed TopFlite food.

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