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How to DIY nutritious feed

When a seed sprouts, greater amounts of amino acids and antioxidants are available for birds to digest. It’s why our two soak and sprout products are popular with discerning bird breeders, and why we’ve put together a short instructional video to show how quickly and easily it is to prepare your seed.

When you sprout seeds before eating you’re ensuring birds can digest their food more easily and access the essential minerals and vitamins inside. While it’s a well-known process some bird owners think it’s a difficult result to achieve.

However it’s really as easy as giving the seeds a good rinse, soaking them with a dash of apple cider vinegar for a day and then repeating the process, rinsing them again over the course of a day until the little ‘tails’ of the seed begin to show. After waiting another day they’ll ne ready to serve up with some fresh fruit and vegetables – the perfect healthy snack for your birds.

We have two products that provide sprouted seed – Soak and Sprout and Super Sprout. Check out the video here: to see the steps you’ll need to take to sprout your crop.

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