Good Egg of the Month:
Jonathan Franzen

Jonathan Franzen knows birds. It’s been said that the acclaimed author’s overly pessimistic of humanity’s role in the world does alienate some readers. But, as only great authors can, his words help unearth a deeper truth. A deeper understanding of nebulous thought and raw action in the life of birds and those that watch them.

Franzen’s essays and interviews express both a love for bird life and explain why this love is so important to the future of our planet and our people. You can read them online or in his climate change manifesto The End of the End of the Earth.

“What bird populations do usefully indicate is the health of our ethical values. One reason that birds matter – ought to matter – is that they are our last, best connection to a natural world that is otherwise receding. They’re the most vivid and widespread representatives of the Earth as it was before people arrived on it.” The radical otherness of birds: Jonathan Franzen, The Guardian

Yes, things can get intense. But at the heart of this birdwatcher’s words you’ll find a deep, unyielding appreciation of our feathered friends.

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