Boxed Timothy Hay

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Strong in fibre, sweet in taste, Timothy Hay is much loved by rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, and other small herbivores. Better yet, we’ve compressed 150L of hay into a compact 36L box to keep them chomping and chewing for longer.

The reason Timothy Hay appeals is the flavour – the sweetness of the grass makes it a furry-friend-favourite and encourages natural foraging. The texture is also important. Coarse and abrasive, Timothy Hay helps wear down and clean the teeth of herbivores.

Choosing a quality Timothy Hay has significant nutritional benefits for rabbits and guinea pigs too:

  • Lower calcium content promotes urinary health
  • Can prevent bladder stones in some animals
  • High in fibre to support good digestion

To keep the quality premium, we grow our Timothy Hay in specific areas of New Zealand where the rich soil, crisp air and favourable climate provide the perfect conditions. Our hay is rigorously monitored to ensure the best result come harvest time. Moisture testing is systemically undertaken, and regular paddock inspections ensure the pasture is as weed-free as possible. From the field we then carefully examine our hay before packing – only the best is good enough.

Timothy Hay feeding guide: 80% of your herbivore’s diet should consist of good quality hay, which means offering a fresh portion of hay approximately equal to the size of their body each day. (Remember – eating food the size of your body is good for herbivores, but bad for humans.)

Supplement the hay with a good quality pellet or nugget plus the occasional chew treat. Always make sure there’s fresh water available. Note: guinea pigs require additional Vitamin C so supplement daily with fresh leafy green vegetables.

Ingredients: Only the best pure New Zealand-grown Timothy Hay.

Additional information

Weight 4.5 kg
Dimensions 27.5 × 50 × 40 cm

1 x 4.5kg Box