Pine Shavings

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As bedding for small pets the perfect choice is pine shavings. 100% New Zealand-grown, our shavings are diligently prepared and processed to consistently ensure the highest quality product.

Kiln dried and double screened to eliminate dust, you'll find Topflite pine shavings are light, fluffy and very, very easy to use (and clean up). This used bedding is good for the compost too, making this the win-win bedding choice.

  • Absorbs and controls odours naturally.
  • No artificial colours or additives.
  • Keeps pets dry and comfortable.
  • Kiln dried and double screened.

Instructions For Use: We recommend a layer around 5cm thick be placed in the bottom of the enclosure. When soiled remove pine shavings quickly and replace with clean bedding. You can dispose of soiled pine shavings in the compost.

Storage: Store in a cool dry place. Avoid direct sunlight.

Volume - 30L


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