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Our recommended podcasts for summer listening

While summer promises plenty of relaxing times, it often means long periods of travel too – which can be anything but relaxing. To make such trips more interesting we’ve put together a list of podcasts with nature as a central theme.

Weird, wonderful, funny and educational, these podcasts will have you sitting in the car well after you’ve reached your destination, eager to hear the end of the story and grinning from ear to ear.


1. Our Changing World, Radio New Zealand

This long-running radio series gets listeners out in the field and the lab to tell New Zealand stories about science, nature and the environment. The short episodes are available as podcasts and are easy to download or save for later on the RNZ app. Check out Winners and Losers – native birds in a pest-free sanctuary to find out the surprising results of 25 years of bird counts in Wellington; or learn about what an expedition into deepest, darkest Fiordland revealed in Turnaround in takahē’s fortunes.

2. Business is Boring, The Spinoff

It turns out that business is actually pretty interesting, especially New Zealand start ups like Humble Bee, which is finding natural solutions to man-made problems. This episode profiles The amazing bees who make plastic, and the Kiwi making them into a business.

3. BBC: Costing the Earth

While not focusing solely on birds, BBC’s Costing The Earth podcast looks at some of the bigger issues that have arisen from humanity using the world’s resources in an ever-increasing manner. At once horrifying, refreshing and uplifting, this podcast provides an accessible view on some complex issues.

4. Birdchick

Hailing from the U.S, Birdchick is certainly ‘not safe for work’ content with some swearing and occasional gratuitous asides about the various breeding habits of some species. In saying that, it can be very, very funny as the husband and wife team debate topics like whether swans are actually horrible.

Unfortunately Birdchick is no longer recording. However you can still go to listen and download them here.

5. Poultry Slam

With the calming, dulcet tones typical of the popular This American Life series these podcasts delve into some truly bizarre and interesting poultry-based stories. Wild turkey attacks, foie gras alternatives, death row cases with court appearances by chickens – it’s got it all.

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