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A new quail mix hits the shelves

Far greater numbers of Kiwis are discovering that, instead of the goose that lays the golden egg, it may be the quail that has the goods instead. We’ve been working behind the scenes to meet the needs of our quail owners and are now proud to debut this exciting product.

Our new Quail Mix has been carefully developed to ensure these beautiful birds can receive a regular nutritious blend of all the good stuff (small seeds and high-protein crumble) and none of the bad (unhealthy filler and antibiotics).

Suitable for all breeds of quail and with a 19% protein level, this is the perfect maintenance feed for laying birds that have passed the six week mark. With fresh greens and fruit your quails will be at their best – happy, healthy and laying eggs aplenty.

This last trait, the eggs, is one of the reasons why quails have become increasingly popular. While New Zealanders will often see the California quail out in the wild, birds from other origin locations are favoured with breeders.

The Japanese quail is one of the more popular birds in New Zealand. This bird begins to lay just 6 – 7 weeks after hatching, with the eggs appreciated by chefs and culinary DIYers for their rich taste and small size. As this breed of quail is quite small they can be housed in a rabbit style hutch for protection from hungry predators.

If you’d like to know more about buying quails we suggest getting in touch with a breeder, Manurau Gamebird Products or Brightwater Gamebirds, or checking on Trademe.

If you’d like to order some delicious, nutritious food for your quails, well… you’re in the right place! Click here to get your Topflite Quail Mix.




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