Timothy Cakes – Rabbit & Guinea Pig Treats

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A natural fibre-rich treat for rabbits, guinea pigs and chinchillas.

The main ingredient is chopped Timothy Hay, a sweet smelling and nutritious grass that has many health benefits.

Key features:
-High in fibre
-Features tasty toppings that small animals love
-Provides enrichment
-Convenient, compact portions that reduce mess and dust
-Ensures hay is eaten rather than soiled
-Helps to keep teeth worn down
-Eco friendly packaging.

Feeding guide:  Use to encourage fibre consumptions.  Can be fed as a treat only or as an alternative hay supplement.

Available in two flavours: Floral Fusion or Garden Goodness

Floral Fusion- Timothy Hay (chopped), mint, parsley, calendula flowers, rose petals, edible binding agent.
Garden Goodness – Timothy Hay (chopped), mint, parsley, dried apple, dried carrots, edible binding agent.

3 treats per box, 6 boxes per outer


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