Quail Mix

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While quails kept in an aviary are relatively easy to care for that does not mean you should skimp on quality feed. Our Quail Mix has everything your beautiful birds need for an ongoing maintenance diet.

Containing plenty of delicious New Zealand-grown canary seed and oilseed rape, this all-natural mix is suitable for all breeds of quail. With small seeds and high protein crumble the Topflite Quail Mix is easy for your birds to eat and, as importantly, healthy, and nutritious.

  • Ideal as a maintenance diet for laying quail.
  • Protein levels of 19%.
  • Contains no Coccidiostat (antibiotics).
  • Suitable for laying quail older than 6 weeks.


Feeding Guide: Should be feed a part of a balanced diet that includes fresh greens and fruit. Always have fresh water available.

Ingredients: Canary seed, panicum (hungarian millet), white french millet, japanese millet, oilseed rape, linseed, red panicum, high protein crumble (soya bean meal, peas, broll, vegetable oil).

Analysis: Protein 19%

Available in 10kg (single), 5kg (4 per outer) & 2kg (6 per outer).



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