Oyster Shell Coarse Grit

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Made from oyster shells, grit is an essential supplement for all laying hens, particularly non-free-ranging birds. Delivering that all-important dose of calcium this grit is your secret weapon when it comes to superior eggshell quality.

Coarse grit gives chickens a slow-release form of calcium that improves the process of converting food into absorbable nutrition. Grit is held in the bird’s crop (part of the digestive system) and assists in the grinding and digestion of whole grains, seeds, and food scraps. The addition of oyster grit is an essential part of any chicken’s diet and is the best way to boost eggshell quality and muscle development.

Feeding Guide: Supply grit separate to other feed. Birds will self-regulate their grit intake.

Ingredients: 100% crushed New Zealand oyster shell grit.

Minimum calcium levels 37.1%

Available in: 5kg 4/outer & 20kg bags

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