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Product spotlight:
Parrot Picks

Parrot Picks are the latest in our locally grown hand-crafted aviary bird range. They’re delicious, nutritious and the best treat for your parrots. Accept no imitations!

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Discomfort food

Tragic news of a kākā chick’s death in Auckland highlights the need for wider education on what’s appropriate as food for our wild birds. Here’s why it’s problem – and what you can do about it.

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Stamp of approval

We’ve noticed old-fashioned letters seem to be going the way of the moa and, with them, some beautiful bird art too.

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A word in your ear…

Our recommended podcasts for summer listening While summer promises plenty of relaxing times, it often means long periods of travel too – which can be anything but relaxing. To make such trips more interesting we’ve put together a list of podcasts with nature as a...

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