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Snap happy!

In May we announced the winners of our inaugural Topflite photo competition, a great event we hoped our readers enjoyed as much as we did!

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Eyes to the sky

5 rare NZ birds (and 1 Aussie one) to look for this June The New Zealand Garden Bird Survey is nearly here and with it the chance to do your part for this important citizen science initiative. While you’re watching there’s also the chance to report any lost or rare...

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Let’s do the Twist!

There’s no twist in the tale here. What you see is what you get with the new Truffle Twister, a cool-looking feeder your mates in the garden will flock to.

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Winter is coming…

Now we’re in the depths of autumn it’s important to look after your place for the people (and birds) that live there. Yes, it’s time to keep an eagle eye on your property, and to get your ducks in a row, before the chickens come home to roost…

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Jiminy Cricket!

Diversity of diet is always important when it comes to keeping your pets and garden visitors healthy. It’s one of the main reasons behind our new convenient combination of dried crickets, mealworms and grasshoppers…

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Seeds of thought

We’re taught from an early age that birds need trees to live in. But so too do trees often need birds to survive. There are some great examples of birds helping to grow valuable areas of forest. Take the pink-necked green pigeon of South-East Asia for instance…

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Product Spotlight:
Pine Shavings

Proving good things come in small packages, our new 30 Litre bags of Pine Shavings have been developed to pack a lot of quality pet bedding into a small, convenient bag.Our pine shavings have been carefully sourced to meet exacting standards. 100% New Zealand-grown...

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Buying a Bunny?

We love our rabbits and there’s no doubt these furry friends are a popular pet among kids. However, while they may seem similar in nature to cats or dogs, these little guys are considerably different from other domesticated animals. Be it that you’re buying for you or the younger ones, here are a few key considerations…

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