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Buying a Bunny?

We love our rabbits and there’s no doubt these furry friends are a popular pet among kids. However, while they may seem similar in nature to cats or dogs, these little guys are considerably different from other domesticated animals. Be it that you’re buying for you or the younger ones, here are a few key considerations…

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Splish splash

Feel like you’re missing out when some of the shyer New Zealand birds never seem to make an appearance in your backyard? Sometimes all they need is a little coaxing with some fresh, cool water from an equally fresh and cool birdbath.

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Meet the team: Charissa Newton

Away from the farm there’s a huge amount of effort going in behind the scenes keeping the good ship Topflite on course. We’re lucky to have Charissa overseeing much of this work – her positive energy and focused efficiency keeps the office humming.

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Product Spotlight:
Meadow Hay

We’re recently introduced a new hay product for New Zealand’s rabbit, guinea pig and other small pet owners. Meadow Hay is a staple in the diet of these animals and we’re confident in saying ours is some of the best.

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Ruby and the kākāpō

The kākāpō breeding season is always one of nervous anticipation for New Zealand’s conservationists and bird lovers. Topflite’s Ruby was on the ground this year and, over her two and a half week stay, she helped keep this important programme on track

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Better by Burgess

For rabbit, guinea pig, chinchilla, rat and mouse owners in the UK, the Burgess brand has been trusted for decades now. Now, as the New Zealand supplier for this popular range, we’re finding more and more Kiwis are sharing their love for the healthy pet food.

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Heart soaring

Every now and then we get feedback on a product. We’re happy to say it’s nearly always positive. Very occasionally it’s negative and we’ll need to work to make it right with our customer. And sometimes… sometimes it’s just absolutely heartwarming…

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Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Wait… oh yes, it’s a bird. Here are our five favourite high-flying heroes. Who did we miss?

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Product spotlight:
Parrot Picks

Parrot Picks are the latest in our locally grown hand-crafted aviary bird range. They’re delicious, nutritious and the best treat for your parrots. Accept no imitations!

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