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Bugging out

As insects form a natural part of the omnivore’s diet, feeding two to five crickets each day is a natural way to diversify food offerings.

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National Treasures

There are small measures we can take at home to protect our native birds. Here are four easy ways to encourage them back into your garden.

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Spotlight on soft foods

Hand-rearing chicks is one of the greatest joys of keeping birds. And feeding soft food is the best way to ensure they grow up healthy and strong.

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Meet the Team: JoJoe Curtin

We reckon the Topflite team is one of the best around! Meet Jojoe, our Production Expert. After 13 years with us, she is most definitely an expert in all things Topflite. And Candy Crush…

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Paws that!

Ever watched to see your dog’s reaction when other dogs are on the TV? Or (be honest now) covered their eyes when something that might upset them comes on screen? Well it turns out that dogs do prefer certain images and videos.

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