Meet the Team: Clover and Benny

Some of the newest team members at Topflite are Clover and Benny, our Mini Lop rabbits from Christchurch. The brother and sister duo have both settled in nicely since arriving here.


Clover and Benny under the guidance of Topflite teammate, Molly.


Describe your typical day at work.

Benny: Eat, work out, continue to bolster human/rabbit partnerships. I’m pretty chilled compared with my sister.

Clover: I bounce around from task to task and, while the days always seem quite busy, a primary focus is on being adorable. I’ve got a strong reputation for it.


What do you like about the job?

Benny: The hours. Let’s just say I have a lot of flexibility.

Clover: I meet new people, eat good food, get cuddles. What’s not to like?


What do you like to eat?

Clover: Working with Topflite the answer is obviously going to be their excellent range of feed and treats. As a rabbit with taste I’d highly recommend the Timothy Hay, Premium Pellets and Munchies.

Benny: I’m definitely enjoying the occasional Bonanza Bar and Nibble Stick. The people here are looking after my teeth, as they’re currently a little too long. It’s malacushion, malseclusion, something like that (Editor’s note: Malocclusion). Anyway, they tell me it might settle down or it could be an ongoing issue. In the meantime I’ve got to keep gnawing away to keep my teeth trimmed.


Are there any challenges at work?

Benny: Who doesn’t like cuddles, right? However I’ve noticed my sister getting a lot recently and, like any good brother, I’m pretty protective of her. Even though we’re in different hutches we always stay close to each other.

Clover: It’s true, we don’t see as much of each other any more. I’m a little sad but they tell me it’s for the best – and that we’ll be able to hang out again in the future.


Who’s your favourite movie star?

Benny: That’s a tough one – there have been so many great actors through the years. Harvey worked well with Jimmy Stewart. Roger showed incredible range in that Who Framed movie. Frank was pretty memorable in Donnie Darko. But my favourite would still have to be Bugs – he’s so good in everything.

Clover: I love Judy Hops in Zootopia. She’s a big influence in how I live my life. Follow your dreams everyone!


Any career plans for the future?

Benny: They were talking recently about a process that might happen after we’re four months old. Something about being ‘tutored’, although I may have misheard? From what I understand we should be able to live together after this.

Clover: I’m just taking each day one hop at a time.


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