Wild Bird Seed Cones



What you see is what you get – the simple, easy-to-use seed cone that’s made from a hearty mix of premium New Zealand-grown seed.

We’ve been making these scrumptious and healthy bird treats for decades now and the humble seed cone is still a popular choice with both those starting out and seasoned bird watchers. That’s because these cones offer great value for money and, more importantly, a healthy supplement to wide range of beautiful New Zealand birds.

1: Nutritious, delicious and not at all fictitious

2: The ideal gift for someone who needs more birds in their life.

3: Your NZ wild bird seed cone can attract chaffinch, goldfinch, greenfinch, pigeon, sparrow and yellowhammer

4: Best to hang it outside and not on your Christmas tree

Ingredients: Wild Bird Mix, binding agent, a whole lot of love



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