Just like us, chooks love a bit of variety in life. Mix things up and add a tasty serving of wheat feed for this variety and a high quality serving of carbohydrates. As part of a balanced diet, wheat is an excellent source of digestible energy providing rich concentrations of starch.


The best form of wheat for birds is grain in its whole form. Much of the nutritional value of wheat is lost or degraded during processing, making whole grains the best option. Wheat is a staple food for most hook-beaked birds, including poultry, pigeons, and aviary birds. If your bird feed mix is low in wheat, use this as a top-up.


Made from high-quality, New Zealand grown wheat.

  • Provides a good source of carbohydrates and energy.
  • Suitable for hook-beaked birds (poultry, pigeons, aviary birds).
  • Wheat is found in most commercial feed mixes, so use only as needed.

Available in: 20kg.

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