Vetafarm Deli Stix

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Medium size cone for larger birds, like parrots, cockatiels, and lovebirds.



Available in 2 flavours:

Best of Both Worlds (for all Parrots)

Nutritious Nuts, Fantastic Fruits and a light sprinkling of Nutriblend Pellets formed into an irresistible treat.

INGREDIENTS: Vetafarm’s nutritionally balanced pellets (Nutriblend small),

with Australian grown almonds, peanuts and select seasonal fruits.Best of Both Worlds provides a range of vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids all in a delicious treat. Quality and variety are two of the most important ingredients in a healthy diet and more importantly a healthy lifestyle for your pet parrot. Vetafarm Parrot-Deli STIX provide for these crucial needs by supplying a variety of high quality natural ingredients and a  sprinkling of veterinary formulated pellets.

Small Parrot Perfection – For small Parrots

Fruits, Nuts, Groats and a healthy pinch of Parrot Essentials Pellets formed into an irresistible treat. Recommended use: Small Parrot Perfection Deli Stix is a healthy functional treat for small parrots, but can be used for the bigger birds too!

INGREDIENTS: Vetafarm’s nutritionally balanced pellets, mixed fruit, peanut chips,
millet, canary seed and sunflower seeds.

Directions: Deli-stix should be included as part of a balanced diet and should be used as a treat or reward, used in conjuntion with a recommended Vetafarm complete diet.

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Weight 2.7 kg