Vetafarm Blossom Nectar

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A nutritious, sweet, liquid nectar for nectar eaters. Suitable for lorikeets, loris, honey eaters, sugar gliders, and any other nectar-eating animal.

Recommended use: Make available as a nutritious food source for nectar eaters.
Key Features: Easy and convenient to supply, provides additional amino acids, vitamins and minerals in a stabilized liquid formula.
Directions: Supply fresh Blossom Nectar, in clean containers, to birds and animals daily.  Use as a part of the diet – other foods should be made available.  Can also be spread over other foods to encourage intake.
Place Blossom Nectar in a suitable dispenser in an area where birds visit.  Change nectar daily.

Ingredients: a blend of sucrose, fructose, glucose, amino acids, vitamins and mineral in a stabilized liquid formula.
Product expiry: 2 years from date of manufacture.

Available in 500ml

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Weight .5 kg

Vital Veggie- 6 per outer, Tropical Treat – 6 per outer