The Little Bird Feeder

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A little bird told us the clever wire globe design of this feeder will let only the tiniest tweeters in while locking the big bullies out.

You can give the little guy a fighting chance with this feeder. Fill the core with fruit or one of our energy products, such as Berry Energy Truffles or Peanut Energy Logs, and watch the wee ones thrive. With small openings in the wire cage, bigger birds will not make it through, meaning there is plenty left for birds like the silver eye, who need plenty of energy too, especially in the cooler months and during breeding season.

  1. Attractive brass design
  2. Easy to fill and replace feed
  3. Hangs easily from a tree or balcony
  4. Perfect for bitsy beaks

Sold individually

Dimensions: 23cm x 23cm x 23cm

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Weight 1 kg