Sprout Jar Kit 1L

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We have partnered with NZ’s team at Good Life to bring you our Sprout Jar.

Containing 500g of Super Sprout, this mix creates a natural superfood for birds when sprouted. Feed sprouted seeds to your birds for extra amino acids, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals for optimum bird health. Note that this mix is designed for larger birds (Cockatiel to Macaw).

This kit will make it a breeze for you to sprout your own bird seeds at home and removes the time and effort it takes when draining with a regular sieve. The jar comes pre-loaded with the Super Sprout seed mix and all you need to do is run water through your mesh lid each day, then flip your jar upside down, shake the sprouts around, walk away and leave it to drain in the sink. So simple! Full instructions are included with the kit. Sprouting takes 12-48 hours.

Super Sprout ingredients: Maple peas, white peas, blue peas, buckwheat, mung beans, lentils, popcorn, whole maize, NZ sunflower, and wheat.

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