Poultry Pecker

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This powerhouse of chia, garlic and herbs is tightly packed into an enriching (and entertaining) tasty treat. The perfect way to keep your hens happy and health (while making them work for it) our Poultry Pecker is a nutritious boredom buster!

Made with a selection of high-quality ingredients, the Poultry Pecker provides more than entertainment value, it delivers nutritional and digestive support. Grains, vegetables, chia, grit, garlic, and herbs are combined for a healthy treat designed to help with parasite protection and deter feather pecking.

  • A tasty, nutritious treat for chooks
  • Formulated to deliver a nutritional boost as well as keeping chooks busy as they work to peck out each tasty morsel.
  • High quality ingredients, no fillers
  • Contains a healthy mix of grains, vegetables, chia, garlic, herbs and grit.


wheat, kibbled maize, oats, coarse grit, black sunflower, green peas, carrot, broccoli, gelatine, garlic, chia seeds, oregano, parsley, mealworms

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