Parrot Picks

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Hand-made right here in Oamaru and packed full of tasty goodness, the ingredients list of our Parrot Picks reads like the smorgasbord menu at an upmarket vegetarian restaurant.

These yummy treats come in two flavours: Tropical Treats & Vital Veggies. Each has been carefully developed to contain a huge range of delicious ingredients – it’s no surprise that parrot owners get hungry themselves when getting the treats out for their birds! Importantly too, there are no filler ingredients and no harmful additives. So these treats can be consistently given with confidence (albeit with a limit of one or two a day).

1: Made by hand with all of our hearts (yes, we love these Picks)

2: Chewy morsels provide dietary enrichment without compromising taste

3: Made for curious parrots to toss about and tear apart

4: Each pottle contains 10 Parrot Pick treats,

Feeding guide: We recommend 1 or 2 treats per day per bird. Have other food items appropriate for your parrot on offer too, as it’s important to keep a diverse diet in order to reduce the likelihood of nutritional disease. Always ensure water is available and keep it as fresh as a prince from Bel Air.

Ingredients – Tropical Treats: New Zealand Manuka honey, New Zealand kiwifruit, papaya, banana, apple, apricot, almond, New Zealand sunflower seed, parsley and gelatin.

Ingredients – Vital Veggie: New Zealand Manuka honey, chili, peas, almond, carrot, pumpkin seed, garlic, popcorn, parsley, New Zealand canary seed, white French millet, barley, hulled oats, safflower, linseed, oilseed rape, and gelatin.

Each pottle contains ten treats, with 6 pottles in an outer. They are also available as a mixed bucket of 50 (25 of each flavour).

Stored in eco-friendly plant-based plastic packaging. Keep in a cool, dry place.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg

Vital Veggie- 6 per outer, Tropical Treat – 6 per outer, Mixed Bucket 50 pieces (25 x Vital Vege & 25 x Tropical Treats)