Parrot Picks

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Parrot Picks are a yummy treat for your parrot, that come in two flavours – Tropical Treats & Vital Veggies.

Hand made in Oamaru, New Zealand, and filled with tasty goodies for your pet.

We recommend 1 or 2 treats per day per bird.

Have other food items appropriate for your pet, on offer, to diversify its diet and reduce the likelihood of nutritional disease.

Always ensure fresh water is available and store in a cool, dry place.

Ingredients – Tropical Treats: New Zealand Manuka honey, New Zealand kiwifruit, papaya, banana, apple, apricot, almond, New Zealand sunflower seed, parsley and gelatin.

Ingredients – Vital Veggie: New Zealand Manuka honey, chili, peas, almond, carrot, pumpkin seed, garlic, popcorn, parsley, New Zealand canary seed, white French millet, barley, hulled oats, safflower, linseed, oilseed rape, and gelatin.

Each pottle contains 10 Parrot Pick treats, with 6 pottles in an outer.

Also available as a mixed bucket of 50 (25 of each flavour)

Additional information

Weight 1 kg

Vital Veggie- 6 per outer, Tropical Treat – 6 per outer, Mixed Bucket 50 pieces (25 x Vital Vege & 25 x Tropical Treats)