Lucerne Hay

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Lucerne Hay (or, as it otherwise known, Alfalfa) is a high fibre legume hay that contains more protein, digestible energy and calcium than grass hay.

These differences mean that Lucerne Hay is good news for growing, breeding or underweight herbivores, and great news as a treat for mature herbivores. Even better news if you're looking to buy Lucerne Hay? We now have it in better-value, larger-size option, making this the perfect investment.

  • A high protein hay ideal for growing or breeding rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchilla or other herbivores.
  • Bigger size. Better value. Best for your growing furry friend.
  • Proudly grown in New Zealand.
  • Packed in 1.5kg compressed 12L bags, that expand to 40L upon opening.

Lucerne Hay Feeding Guide: Herbivores should have access to grass or hay all day, every day. Your herbivores should eat approximately a portion of hay equal to the size of its body each day too - so be sure to keep enough hay close at hand. 80% of your herbivore’s diet should consist of good quality hay. Back this up with a good quality pellet or nugget plus the occasional chew treat. Always have fresh water available.

Storage Instructions: Store in a cool dry place. Avoid direct sunlight.

Ingredients: 100% natural Lucerne Hay. 100% love.

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