Dried Mealworms

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Yes, the early bird gets the worm. But with your help the latecomers will get their chance too. It’s just as well too – this is a healthy, nutritious snack filled with protein, making a mouthful of mealworms perfect for them to get through the leaner periods.

It’s not just New Zealand’s wild birds that love mealworms – finches, canaries and other smaller species of aviary bird also love a tasty snack. Also pet reptiles love a dried worm to chew on.

  • Provide some protein power to your pets.
  • A great source of natural vitamins, minerals and key nutrients.
  • All natural feed great for wild birds looking to feed their young.
  • Enjoyed by a range of aviary and wild birds.

Ingredients: Dried mealworm – nothing more, nothing less.

Analysis: protein 50%, fat 25%, fibre 8%, moisture 10%

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