Dried Grasshoppers




Feeding grasshoppers to your pet is something they’ll be surely be thankful for. These crisp, crunchy, munchy treats always go down a treat!

Our dried grasshoppers are high in protein and a good sustainable source of essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids. This makes them the ideal for bearded dragons, skinks, turtles and other reptiles. They’re also loved by birds and even tropical fish appreciate a good gobble of a grasshopper.

1: 100% natural treats for reptiles

2: Birds and tropical fish love them too!

3: A simple way to diversify your pets diet with a crunchy and delicious snack

4: Available in: 5kg single bag and 45 gram pottle (6 per outer).

Feeding Guide: Feed 2-5 grasshoppers per meal, depending on the size of the species. For smaller species break into small pieces. Grasshoppers should be fed to pets as part of a diversified diet.

Typical nutritional analysis: Protein 74%, Fat 5%, Fibre 2.7%, Ash 3.2%, Moisture 8%, Carbohydrate 5%.






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