Cherry Energy Truffles – Limited Edition

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Red alert! The vibrant colour in our limited edition Cherry Wild Bird Energy Truffles comes from real cherries. Grown by one of our local cherry orchards, we freeze-dry the fruit and blend it with our classic energy recipe. A rich source of energy for wild birds with added fruity goodness.

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Red alert! We’ve put a cherry on the top of our Wild Bird Energy range.

The tasty cherries in this limited edition flavour come from our mates at a local cherry orchard. We freeze-dry the juicy fruit and blend it with our moresome wild bird energy recipe to add a bright, attractive colour and extra vitamins. The fruity goodness is sure to bring all the birds to your yard!

Wild Bird Energy food offers wild birds an immediate source of energy essential for their survival during challenging times. Our recipes contain the highest quality vegetable fat which is an important dietary element for New Zealand’s wild birds, alongside natural sources of food such as seed, fruit and nectar.

1: While these Cherry Energy Truffles look (and smell) good enough to serve up for a morning tea shout, they are strictly for the birds!

2: Made with sustainably sourced vegetable fat, New Zealand cherries, wheat flour – and love, glorious love

3: Put a bunch out with fruit and seed in your bird feeder, or one of our dedicated truffle feeders.

4: Energy food can attract tauhou (silvereye), sparrow, thrush, blackbird and yellowhammer

Ingredients: Vegetable fat, wheat flour, freeze-dried New Zealand cherries, natural colourant and flavouring.

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Cherry Cakes x 12, Cherry Coconuts x 6, Cherry Truffles 6 x 540g