Bonanza Bar – Cranberry (Rabbit & Guinea Pig treat)

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It’s a bonanza of delicious goodness! This delicious chewy treat is hand made at our North Otago farm from a selection of natural ingredients.  Bonanza Bars are packed full of delicious flavours and sure to keep your furry friend gnawing away happily for hours on end.

Spoil your rabbit or guinea pig with a special treat that is also packed full of nutrients to keep them healthy, happier, and full of energy.

  • A healthy treat for rabbits and guinea pigs.
  • Handmade with natural ingredients designed to keep small animals in great shape.
  • Fully digestible and delicious tasting.
  • Includes real cranberries.

Ingredients: rabbit pellets (barley, peas, grass seed meal, soyabean meal, canola, linseed, maize, oats, wheat, wheat by products, molasses, soya oil, sodium bentonite, vitamins & minerals), kibbled maize, whole oats, sunflower, feed nuts(barley meal, pea meal, wheatbran, pollard, molasses, salt, calcium, carbonate, selenium, vitamins & minerals), sorghum, bran, chaff, dextrose, salt , cranberry

6 Bars per outer


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Weight 1 kg