Backyard Banquet



It’s time to prepare a feast that’s truly fit for your high-flying friends! With an energy coconut, a seed ball, seed feeder and 2kg of wild bird seed, the Backyard Banquet provides three great dining destinations.

This wild bird feeding set-up is the perfect gift for New Zealand families or as a starter set for attracting wild birds to your garden. The Snacker Feeder is easy to re-stock and the Coconut Feeder can also be used time and time again, providing years of scrumptious feasts to your bird buddies.

1: Little napkins and fancy bird cutlery not included

2: Provides a great mix of nutrition and energy food

3: Will attract many species of birds including finches, wayeyes, sparrows and yellowhammer

4: Comes with a handy Wild Bird Feeding and Identification Guide

1 x Wild Bird Energy Coconut Feeder
1 x Wild Bird seed bell
1 x Wild Bird Seed Snacker Feeder
1 x Wild Bird seed 2kg
1 x Wild Bird Feeding and Identification Guide


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