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Takahē counts, new books and more…

Bird of the Year. Although you can vote for multiple birds this year there can be only one winner! We don’t care who else you vote for – just make sure Team Kororā is your number one choice.




Hey hey it’s the takahē. Last month we were pleased to report record numbers of Kakapo. This month there’s more good news – the number of takahē has gone to over 400 – the highest in over a century of reporting. Considered extinct until 1948, the takahē is now slowly gaining a foothold again. It’s still a very, very small number. But it’s one worth celebrating.



1 in 4 birds lost. And this news is why need to remain diligent and continue to boost our conservation efforts here in New Zealand. A recent study has found that since 1970 the U.S and Canada have lost an estimated three billion birds out of the general population. The massive decline was calculated using 10 years of information from weather radar stations and 50 years of on-ground data. Scientists are calling it a “widespread ecological crisis”.

Want to live longer? Get a dog. Reports are stating that owning a dog, particularly for heart attack and stroke survivors, leads to quality and quantity of life. This has been explained by the increase in physical activity and the decrease in loneliness and depression that comes with dog ownership. So, if you don’t have one already – what are you waiting for?

On feathered foibles… After reviewing a few recent bird books we’re happy to announce there’s more great reading arriving in time for long summer days at the beach (or in the forest). The Brilliance of Birds is a NZ bird guide with personality, by Skye Wishart and Edin Whitehead. It is already receiving strong reviews and we’re looking forward to getting a copy. Described as “off-kilter, wondrous and wild”, well… it sounds like a lot of the birds we’ve met.





Seen on Reddit. My dog looks like a middle-aged man who just took his first selfie…

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