Introducing the Peka Power Pack

Made with lots and lots of love!

Got some space in your backyard but nowhere to hang a feeder? Or want to hang one but aren’t sure about the safety of your winged mates with all the local predators? This new feeder pack is the perfect answer…

The new pack is the result of a rewarding collaboration between Topflite and the makers of the Peka Peka feeder. Containing a Peka Peka Feeder, a truffle feeder and a pack of nutritious energy truffles, the pack has (almost) everything you need to set up a wonderful backyard feeding platform.

Over a decade of passionate work at Dunedin’s Orokonui Ecosanctuary has provided plenty of inspiration and impetus for the inventor of the Peka Peka feeder.

“After working there I’ve seen the difference feeding birds makes to the local population,” says Tahu Mackenzie. “So I wanted to invent a cat-proof feeder. It needed to be nice and sturdy but also easy to transport.”

Along with her clever partner, Harvey Penfold, who worked on the design, Tahu created a ‘go anywhere’ feeder that could protect birds as it nourished them.

Nothing was left to chance during the research and development stage. Working with families in Dunedin’s North East Valley, Tahu set in motion a citizen science project to track and assess feeding habits and locations.

With urban backyards and some more dense and bushy sections the variety in the landscape helped test for different needs. At each the team established feeders then set up a trail camera – measuring and recording the bird populations and signs of predators.

From this a platform system was ‘landed on’ as the best approach to creating a predator-safe set-up. The Peka Peka Feeder is designed to easily attach to a strong metal waratah, meaning it can be set up without the need for high branches or other construction.

“From on top the birds also have a 360 degree view of everything around them,” says Tahu. “So they’re far safer from ambush predators and can feed properly on either water or nectar.”

Combined with the Topflite truffle feeder birds have the perfect safe and reliable spot to feed, and the gains in native bird populations seen by Tahu over the last ten years speaks to the need for this style of supplementary food supply.

To pre-order your Peka Power Pack email us at [email protected].

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