Our new Naturals range of feeders

We’re excited to announce an entire new range of beautiful feeders, with plenty of options for attracting all those glorious birds, bugs and bees to your garden.

We’re also proud of the ecologically sound raw material these feeders are made from: the humble bamboo plant. It was an easy choice to make – bamboo provides both sustainable and physical strength. It’s truly beautiful too and, with its natural wood look, fits in gracefully to all kinds of outdoor spaces.

This is a significant step for us with the sheer range of new feeders available too. It also means that we can offer a wider choice in the types of feed and use by garden visitors, each feeder designed for a specific purpose and functionality. 

Each Naturals feeder is easy to install and simple to use too. This functionality was a key factor when we were planning and researching the new range. We needed to ensure bird lovers of all ages could quickly and easily install and re-stock their feeders.

We’re also introducing the Bug Hut – our first purpose-built feeder for bees and bugs in New Zealand. More and more Kiwis are recognising the importance of bugs to our gardens for pollination and as part of the wider ecological balance. Gone are the days when heavy-handed spraying destroyed helpful bug populations. Now we understand the work that needs to be done to foster a complete, healthy garden environment. The Bug Hut provides the perfect place for these important insects.

Here are the new models:


The Bird Bach

Consider this a ‘home away from home’ for your feathered friends – a place the birds can stop in for a holiday and a great feed. There’s plenty of room to lay out a spread too – this bamboo bird feeder can hold energy food, seed or fruit.



The Lantern Feeder

The Lantern Feeder is an attractive feature piece for gardens of all shapes and sizes. Designed to feed healthy and nutritious wildbird seed, it’s strong, graceful and built to last for years.



The Chirpeteria

Hang up this feeder and the backyard will soon be bustling. The Chipeteria’s clever but simple design offers the space for a wide range of great ‘café food’ for birds – energy cakes, logs and truffles as well as seed and fruit.



The Lodge

Sometimes it’s not easy out there in the wild world for our native birds. The Lodge offers a strong and safe nesting and shelter space for when they need it. It’s a great way to extend your family with some additional feathered friends. 



The Bug & Bee Hut

Keeping an attractive and healthy backyard is about far more than just birds – insects are important too! With this big beautiful bamboo feeder we’ve got just the place for them. Made from environmentally sustainable bamboo, the Bug Hut provides a great spot for your local bugs to meet and eat and it helps your garden sustain a natural balance.


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