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Meet the Team: JoJoe Curtin

We reckon the Topflite team is one of the best around! Meet Jojoe, our Production Expert. After 13 years with us, she is most definitely an expert in all things Topflite. And Candy Crush…

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Paws that!

Ever watched to see your dog’s reaction when other dogs are on the TV? Or (be honest now) covered their eyes when something that might upset them comes on screen? Well it turns out that dogs do prefer certain images and videos.

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Identifying New Zealand birds

With the annual New Zealand Garden Bird Survey now under way, we thought it was time to put together our box of bird identification tricks. Here are our favourite tools, online and on paper, to help you recognise and record those birds.

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Wanted in winter

Natural food for birds is scarce at this time of year. That’s why we put out energy-rich food to help them through. Here are some of our top winter warmers for birds.

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We don’t know how lucky we are

Sad news of John Clarke’s recent passing gave the entire country a chance to celebrate the work, achievements and the wonderful humanity of the acclaimed satirist and intellectual. One quote in particular caught our interest, and we just had to share…

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