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We don’t know how lucky we are

Sad news of John Clarke’s recent passing gave the entire country a chance to celebrate the work, achievements and the wonderful humanity of the acclaimed satirist and intellectual. One quote in particular caught our interest, and we just had to share…

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Photo Competition Winners

Every year, Kiwi Gardener and Topflite ask the Kiwi Gardener readers to capture their local birds in the garden through the eye of a lens. Check out last year’s entries and the stunning ‘Bird of Prey’ winner by Kathy Keddle.

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NZ Forest & Bird

Because Forest & Bird is a charity they receive no guaranteed funding and instead rely on caring individuals and companies like us for support…

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Food for thought

On the subject of dog food, every vet, breeder, friend and guy-from-the-dog-park has a recommendation and is dying to share it. Our opinion: start by comparing ingredients lists.

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Toothsome and wholesome

While it’s good to indulge your rabbit or guinea pigs (or cavies, for the aficionado) with an occasional treat, be wary of the ingredients list on products advertised as treats.

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Revised formulas: Scratch & Lay, Cockatiel Mix

A recipe can always be improved on! Our top-selling Poultry Scratch & Lay came up for review recently and, as a result of your feedback, we’ve made some changes. As for our Cockatiel Mix, we’ve taken some advice from the experts and removed barley from the formulation.

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Learning to love the whio

Despite sharing the $10 note with the illustrious Kate Sheppard, few people recognise this unique duck as one of our own. Endemic to New Zealand, the whio is one of only four duck species in the world that live in fast-flowing water.

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