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It’s time to bin the bread

While it has traditionally been seen as adequate duck food recent media reports have highlighted the terrible side effects of a bread diet. That’s why we’ve introduced Lucky Duck – the first duck-specific feed formulation in New Zealand. Let’s face it – bread is junk...

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Good for the goose?

Four negative bird terms we're reclaiming It seems as if the English language sometimes has it in for our feathered friends. After all, how many sayings that reference birds have derogatory implications? No more we say! Here’s our light-hearted look at some...

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Ghost hunters unite!

Is the South Island Kokako still alive? This intriguing native bird was classified as extinct until 2013, when its status was updated to ‘data deficient’ as a result of possible sightings. Now the search is on again. This time with renewed vigour and a hefty reward....

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A bird-brained scheme

The Great Pavlov Pigeon Prank While it has never been properly verified we think this is a fantastic story regardless: “The legend goes that an MIT student dressed in a black-and-white striped shirt went to the Harvard football stadium every day of one summer, blowing...

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Eagle vs drone

This airspace ain’t big enough for the both of us. As drones are becoming more popular around the world there have arisen many entertaining instances of conflict between bird life and the technology. A recent study has shown that this technology can be used properly...

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Bird of the Year announced

Kōkako wins the other big election held this year In October the annual Forest And Bird election results were released, with the Kōkako winning at the ballot despite stiff competition from the kea and piwakawaka. According to 16-year-old Oscar Thomas who, along with...

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Maximise your mix

A soft food mixing tip from ‘The Don’ Here’s a tip from Don Birch – the renowned bird rearer from the Hawke’s Bay Bird Club (and a loyal customer of ours) has come up with a great way to increase the quality and longevity of his feed. This soft food mix will last...

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On the airwaves

Our five favourite songs about birds #5 Mockingbirds, Grant Lee Buffalo. Who knows where the inspiration for this song comes from, an earthquake, a relationship break up, perhaps a even bad review from a nasty critic? It doesn’t really matter – with the breathless...

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A new hub for Topflite

We make the move in Oamaru Sometimes it’s simply time to stretch your wings and leave the nest. It’s been a hectic few weeks down at Topflite base but the bulk of our move to a new warehouse space in Oamaru has now been successfully navigated. The team put in a big...

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