TopFlite – quality bird and small animal feed

Naturally good feed made right here in New Zealand.

Welcome to TopFlite. If you’re anything like us, you’ll want to take the best care of your bird or small animal, and that starts with making sure you’re feeding them the best possible food. This means not only buying the right type of food and treats, but ensuring that the food you do buy is produced in the best way possible, from quality ingredients. The quality of our food is of such high standard that 95% of the medal winning birds at the last two National Bird Shows were fed Topflite seed.

TopFlite grow our seeds, and pack them right here at our Oamaru farm, which allows us to produce top quality seed based products, free from dust, and with no need for heat treatment.

Not all seed is created equal.

When we started out, we looked at the seed based feed options in the market, and saw a problem: the products available lacked the nutrients they should have been providing.

This wasn’t an issue of being deceptive, rather a problem of getting seed based products into New Zealand. The process of heat-treating the products (a bio-security requirement) has the unintended result of removing many of the valuable nutrients that seeds should provide.

Something needed to be done, and as a family growing seed crops right here in New Zealand, we knew we were the ones to do it. And because the bulk of our products are homegrown and packaged in Oamaru, there’s no need to heat-treat this seed, so our products can provide the full range of nutrients nature intended.

Our focus today, as then, is creating a range of naturally produced seed based feeds, delivering the highest possible nutrient value.

Our promise to your pets: naturally good feed.